Two months left to apply for the 2022 CFAA Awards!

The 2022 CFAA Rental Housing Awards Program is open for applications.

Take a look through CFAA’s 2022 Awards Brochure, to start thinking about what applications you’ll want to put forward this year. The deadline for full and complete submissions is Thursday, March 10, 2022.

Apply Today

CFAA is continuing its simplified and expanded eligibility rules and application portal that were both introduced in 2020. However, the eligibility time window has been changed to coincide with the 2021 calendar year. Be sure to check the eligibility dates before beginning your application.

To confirm your eligibility before starting your application, please take the Eligibility Self-Assessment or email CFAA at with questions.

This year’s awards categories will include:


  • Property Manager of the Year
  • Off-Site Employee of the Year
  • On-Site Employee of the Year
  • Rental Housing Provider of the Year
  • Marketing Program Excellence of the Year
  • Renovation of the Year
  • Rental Development of the Year


  • New Product or Service of the Year
  • Suppliers Council Member of the Year


  • Association Achievement of the Year

Depending on the number of applications, CFAA reserves the right to refine the awards. For example, the best renovation award might become best lobby renovation award or best suite renovation (or both, by being split into two awards, which are both given out.)

For more details about the awards categories, see the Awards Brochure.

You are invited to apply if you are a:

  • CFAA Suppliers Council Member,
  • CFAA Direct Landlord Member, or
  • CFAA Affiliate Member (a landlord member of one of CFAA’s 12 member associations).

A CFAA member who has won an award from a CFAA member association in a similar category is eligible to apply for the CFAA Awards.

More specific eligibility for each award can be found in the Awards Brochure. To confirm your eligibility before starting your application, please email CFAA at or take the Eligibility Self-Assessment.

Each award category is assigned to a panel of volunteer experts, who will judge the submissions. These judges will be cleared for conflicts of interest in the category they judge.

Judges will meet virtually to discuss the awards submissions.

If you are interested in becoming a judge for the 2021 Awards, please complete the Volunteer Judge Registration Form.