RHB Magazine

RHB Magazine is the official publication of the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations. Each issue contains articles from leaders and experts in the industry, as well as CFAA’s National Outlook, and Rental Association Voice (which contains updates and information from the EOLO, HDAA, LPMA and WRAMA).


RHB Magazine – November/December 2021

National Outlook:

  • CFAA welcomes Ahmed Hussen as the re-appointed Minister of Housing
  • The Federal Infrastructure Programs – “Good housing policies”
  • Other policy areas affecting rental housing
  • REGISTER NOW for CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2022
  • CFAA Awards Program 2022 – Get ready to apply
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RHB Magazine – October 2021

National Outlook:

  • Opportunities and risks from the renewed Liberal government
  • Save the dates for the CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2022
  • CFAA Awards Program 2022 – Get ready to apply
  • Rental Housing Employee Compensation Survey now available
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RHB Magazine – August 2021

National Outlook:

  • Interest Deductibility Limitation back under active consideration
  • Impact of a 30% interest deductibility limitation on rental housing providers
  • GHG reductions and the cost of heating rental buildings
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RHB Magazine – May/June 2021

National Outlook:

  • CFAA Rental Housing Awards 2021 – Winners and Finalists
  • Federal political issues, including Budget 2021
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RHB Magazine – March/April 2021

National Outlook:

  • Achieving gender equity in rental housing
  • CFAA Awards, Networking and Tradeshow
  • CFAA acts on equity and inclusion in the rental housing industry
  • Unconscious bias: How does it happen? How do we stop it?
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RHB Magazine – January 2021

National Outlook:

  • Current rental arrears $600 million across Canada
  • COVID-19 Rental Arrears Response
  • Vacancies up in most centres across Canada
  • CFAA Virtual Conference 2021
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RHB Magazine – November 2020

National Outlook:

  • How to maintain your access to CMHC-insured mortgage funds
  • Benjamin Tal’s Insights into the Economy under COVID-19
  • Executive Roundtable: What opportunities do major rental housing providers see today?
  • Operations Roundtable: A tale of two cities within each city
  • Technology Updates for COVID-19 and beyond
  • CFAA Rental Housing Awards for new ways to deal with COVID-19
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RHB Magazine – October 2020

National Outlook:

  • The September Throne Speech – what does it mean for rental housing providers?
  • The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive – where is it going?
  • Upcoming CFAA webinars – key topics for rental housing providers
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RHB Magazine – August 2020

National Outlook:

  • Lifting the eviction moratoriums: a tenant-landlord debate
  • The Invisible Affordable Housing Alternative by Al Kemp
  • Products and services to deal with COVID-19
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RHB Magazine – July 2020

National Outlook:

  • CMHC’s Mortgage Insurance – New Use of Funds Rules for Re-Financings
  • CFAA Rental Housing Awards 2020 – Winners and Finalists
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RHB Magazine – April 2020

National Outlook:

  • CFAA’s advocacy for rental housing around COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Rent Payment Issues
  • Financial support for people who have lost income due to COVID-19
  • New wage subsidy program announced
  • CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2020
  • CFAA Rental Housing Awards
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RHB Magazine – January 2020

National Outlook:

  • Proposed interest limitation rules could devastate rental housing
  • Housing spending under the National Housing Strategy
  • CFAA-RHC 2020: Building Innovations Tour
  • CFAA Awards Program 2020 – Open for Applications
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