Participate in the 2021-2022 Employee Compensation and Benefits Survey!

For 2021, CFAA is performing the Rental Housing Employee Compensation and Benefits Survey, the only such Canadian survey entirely focused on rental housing employees. CFAA encourages all medium-sized and large rental housing providers to provide their information (in strict confidence), to produce the most accurate reports based on the largest possible amount of data.

Paying employees too much can cut into profits, but paying too little can too! If your employees turn over too quickly, then customer service is compromised, and that will raise tenant turnover, vacancies and turnover costs. A major cause of excess employee turnover is not paying the market rate.

To find out how your company fits into the market for rental housing employees, participate and/or purchase the CFAA 2021-2022 Employee Compensation and Benefits Survey!

Survey participants who provide their own compensation and benefit data (in strict confidence) receive a substantial discount on the price of the survey reports as compared to non-participants.

To participate, open the order form, fill it out and send it to CFAA will then advise the compensation consultant conducting the survey that you will be participating, and the consultant, 3rd Quartile, will send you the links to upload or enter your compensation and benefits information.

Companies which participated in 2019 can request their 2019 submissions so that they only need to update the data for any changes. Of course, care would have to be taken to update all data which has changed. If you want your 2019 submissions, please ask in the email to

The survey data needs to be provided to 3rd Quartile by July 31.

3rd Quartile conducts the survey for CFAA. Led by Steven Osiel, 3rd Quartile is an independent compensation and benefits consulting firm, which helps organizations maximize the value of human capital.

All compensation and employee benefits data are kept confidential, except for anonymous reporting in the survey reports. Great care is taken to make sure that no company can be identified. In addition, CFAA does not see the data for any rental housing provider or any employee.

In the 2021-22 survey, we expect to report data on 9 building-based positions and 21 head office positions. Click here to see a full list of positions covered.

The survey reports will provide Canada-wide compensation and benefits data, and compensation data for certain cities and the three regions, Canada East, Ontario and Canada West. Click here for the order form, showing the planned reports and pricing, both for participants and non-participants.

For some positions, the data will likely be reported showing the compensation driven by building size. The full survey also provides information on benefit programs, pension plans, turnover rates, and other HR practices. The CFAA Rental Housing Employee Benefits and Compensation Survey will cover about 5,000 employees working for rental housing providers of various sizes.

The CFAA  survey covers only rental housing employees. The survey excludes employees in other real estate sectors, such as offices, shopping malls and the hospitality sector.

The survey may be purchased nationally or separately for one or more cities and/or regions. Please mark the survey results you want to purchase on the order form. CFAA will then invoice your company. The applicable GST/HST will be added to your order.

In contracting to purchase the marked survey report(s), you agree to the terms stated on the order form.

Once you have purchased the survey, if you have any questions about the results contact:

Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds on purchases of the CFAA Rental Housing Compensation & Benefits Survey.

If you want to purchase a previous Compensation and Benefits Survey, please email