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Membership Benefits

CFAA's membership encompasses all facets of the residential rental industry, including apartment associations, owners and managers, investors, executives and suppliers to the industry.

No matter how large your operation or association, when landlords go to government separately, they send mixed messages, and government decides as it pleases. When landlords go to government with one voice, we send a unified message, and government is much more likely to decide as we want. A divided voice is weak; a unified voice is strong.

Direct Landlord Members

As landlords, we need to pay more attention to the national level. Canada's Home Builders do. Canada's realtors do. American landlords do. Landlords in Canada need to.

Now Canada's landlords have woken up to this issue. Acting in their role as CFAA Directors, the leaders of your provincial and city landlord associations have agreed that landlords should put more resources into federal advocacy, and should do it by joining CFAA directly.

Learn more about Direct Membership

Member Associations

CFAA currently encompasses 11 longstanding and successful partner associations from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. CFAA is continuing to expand its national representation and welcomes rental housing associations to join its membership to further strengthen the industry's national presence.

Learn more about Member Associations

Members of the CFAA Suppliers Council

Industry suppliers who join the CFAA Suppliers Council receive recognition as strong supporters of the rental housing industry, as well as opportunities to maximize their industry exposure through client connections, advertising exposure and event participation.

Learn more about Members of the CFAA Suppliers Council

Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA-FCAPI)
Fédération canadienne des associations de propriétaires immobiliers
1600 Carling Ave., Suite 640, Ottawa ON K1Z 1G3
Tel: (613) 235-0101 | Fax: (613) 238-0101
Email: admin@cfaa-fcapi.org

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