As landlords, we need to pay more attention to the national level. Canada’s Home Builders do. Canada’s realtors do. American landlords do. Landlords in Canada need to.

Now Canada’s landlords have woken up to this issue. Acting in their role as CFAA Directors, the leaders of your provincial and city landlord associations have agreed that landlords should put more resources into federal advocacy, and should do it by joining CFAA directly.

Since its inception in 1995, CFAA has raised its funding primarily through membership dues from landlord associations. Now we are asking rental housing providers to join CFAA as direct members. Through the expansion of the direct landlord membership program, CFAA expects to achieve more for Canada’s residential landlords by providing enhanced member services, and enabling CFAA to add substantially to our government relations work, thus improving the investment, development and operating environment for residential landlords.

To join CFAA, fill out our application form and email it to

New for 2019-2020, for direct members, CFAA is making available new privileges, such as:

  • Discounts on rental housing conferences,
  • Discounts on numerous rental housing education programs,
  • Discounts on recordings of CFAA’s conferences and education programs, and
  • Access to additional webinars.

The on-going benefits of direct landlord membership are:

  • Stronger federal advocacy (see above)
  • Stronger advocacy to reduce the spread of municipal and provincial measures contrary to the interests of rental housing providers
  • Quicker notice of changes to government programs
  • Direct, advance notice of CFAA events
  • Direct, advance notice of CFAA service offerings, such as the CFAA Employee Compensation Survey
  • The ability to influence governance of CFAA through direct voting rights
  • The ability to sit on committees and boards
  • Direct access to Rental Housing Business (RHB) Magazine and National Outlook, keeping you up-to-date on the latest industry developments
  • Media relations that provide a national voice to promote the industry’s public image accurately
  • Educational opportunities through CFAA’s Rental Housing Conference

To implement the new membership privileges and other membership services improvements, CFAA wants and needs input from landlords across Canada. To provide your input, please email us at

Membership dues are payable annually and are based on the number of rental units you own or manage. The annual direct membership is $100, plus 50 cents per rental unit you own or manage.

For more information, please contact us at 613-235-0101 or

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