CFAA’s membership encompasses all facets of the residential rental industry, including apartment associations, owners and managers, investors, executives and suppliers to the industry.

No matter how large your operation or association, when rental housing providers go to government separately, they send mixed messages, and government decides as it pleases. When rental housing providers go to government with one voice, we send a unified message, and government is much more likely to decide as we want. A divided voice is weak; a unified voice is strong.

CFAA played a major role in shaping the ten year National Housing Strategy (NHS). Within that strategy, CFAA achieved access for private rental providers to commitments for government spending of:

  • $4B on housing benefits for low-income tenants,
  • $13.75B in low-cost lending for rental construction,
  • $5.7B for retrofitting private market (for-profit) and community housing, and
  • $7.4B for funds to be invested in new rental construction.

In order to get the most benefit from the federal government’s funding commitments for rental housing, the CFAA Board of Directors has engaged a national government relations firm (with long-standing, deep connections to government and politicians) to provide additional monitoring of federal initiatives, and to assist CFAA on the key federal issues.

The total amount of NHS spending open to for-profit rental providers is to be $32B, or close to $9,000 per rental unit in Canada on average. CFAA is working hard to make sure all rental providers can get their share of that money, and that the money is spent in a way which supports the rental housing industry. Help us achieve those goals for you!

Besides advocacy, CFAA is the main communication channel by which landlords share issues and solutions across Canada. CFAA:

  • Brings apartment associations together from coast to coast.
  • Publishes news through National Outlook, Rental Housing Business (RHB) Magazine, and articles in member association newsletters and magazines.
  • Holds an annual three-day Rental Housing Conference.
  • Assembles and provides rental housing information, such as industry-specific compensation and benefits data.
  • Leads information sharing among member associations and rental housing providers.

What CFAA does is driven by what our members tell us they need. Become a member today, and let us know what you need to succeed as a landlord in Canada.


“Since they all matter a great deal for the success of rental housing, our industry needs to be represented at all three levels of government by a capable and well-resourced industry association. Preston Group joined CFAA’s new direct member program. I urge you to join CFAA as a direct member too!”

Gloria S., Preston Group

“Minto knows the CFAA leadership, and are very pleased with what they have achieved with the resources applied to federal issues to-date. Through the application of more resources and direct two-way communication, CFAA will be able to achieve more for us, and we will benefit more from CFAA’s work.”

George V., Minto Group Inc.

“As suppliers, we feel that CFAA is very well organized and professionally run. Their annual Rental Housing Conference exceeded our expectations and we will definitely be in Halifax next year.”


On behalf of our members, CFAA handles federal advocacy with a strategic and informative approach to shape government policy and regulations, as well as advocacy to reduce the spread of municipal and provincial measures contrary to the interests of rental housing providers.

CFAA works with the media to provide a national voice to promote the industry’s public image accurately.

CFAA handles public affairs that promote the industry’s value to Canadians and how the presence of a health rental market contributes to national well-being and economic prosperity.

Through our e-Newsletter and in through communications with our member associations and direct landlord members, we offer quicker notice of changes to government programs and direct, advance notice of CFAA events and service offerings, such as the CFAA Employee Compensation Survey.

We offer multiple educational opportunities, from the annual Rental Housing Conferene to programs offered by our partners at NAA, as well as updates on other educational opportunities across the country through our e-Newsletter.

Our members receive direct access to Rental Housing Business (RHB) Magazine and National Outlook, keeping them up-to-date on the latest industry developments.