CMHC and tenant advocates say tenants should pay their rents if they can

This morning, CBC News published an article about the need for tenants to pay their rent, if they are able to.

Evan Siddall, President & CEO of CMHC, released the following tweets on March 21, which the articles quotes:

  • Please share widely: compassionate relief of mortgage and rent payments is NOT an amnesty nor an opportunity to save money. We must all pay our bills wherever we can. Leave relief to those who need it! [view tweet]
  • Like hoarding toilet paper or sanitizer, not paying your mortgage or rent if you’re able to do so is a selfish and unpatriotic act. Our economy and people’s jobs depend on those of us with means to keep spending. Pay your bills. [view tweet]

In paragraph 4, under the subtitle “Pay the bills you can”, the article goes on to state: “‘Most tenant advocates agree, saying if you can pay your rent on time this month, do so. Otherwise unnecessary late payments could have a big effect on the market.”


Tenants who are losing income as a result of COVID-19 should apply for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, which will provide up to $2,000 per month for the next four months.

The provinces may add additional funds for larger households or households who rent in larger cities.

CFAA is working to encourage tenants to pay their rent. All rental housing providers need to be reasonable in dealing with tenants who cannot pay their April rent on time.