CFAA will be holding a Tax Retreat in Toronto on Monday, April 6

Register now if you want to hear where the federal government is going, and provide input on what CFAA’s positions should be on the following key current issues:

In their recent election platforms, both the Liberal Party and the NDP promised to review the current partial exclusion of capital gains from income for tax purposes.  This is a recurring issue, as many progressives say that all capital gains should be taxed like other income.  This is an important issue for rental housing because much of the return on rental housing investment is often through capital gains.

What impact would various possible capital gains tax reforms have on tax payable and rental housing asset values?

What should CFAA’s goals, positions and messaging be?

In their recent election platform, and mandate letters, the Liberal Party promised to restrict the amount of interest that corporations can deduct in determining their income for tax purposes to 30% of net operating income. Many rental housing providers pay 40% or even 50%. The proposed change would raise the taxable income reported by many rental corporations, and thus substantially raise the income taxes rental housing providers have to pay.

How can CFAA stop or mitigate this proposal? Besides an outright exemption for real estate or rental housing, what other steps can be taken to minimize the damage to rental housing providers?

What should CFAA’s goals, positions and messaging be?

Format of the retreat

At the retreat, CFAA will provide:

  • information on what is proposed, and the current status
  • information on possible options
  • an opportunity for you to provide input on
    •  what positions will work best for you and the industry,
    • what messaging will work best, and
    • how the industry and CFAA can best proceed.


Space is limited. While space remains, CFAA welcomes rental housing providers of all sizes, as well as CFOs, accountants and other professionals providing service to the rental housing industry.

Register now at the early bird rate of $100 plus HST.

The price includes a handout, continental breakfast, lunch and break refreshments.