CFAA Tax Retreat on April 6 in Toronto


CFAA will be holding a Tax Retreat in Toronto on Monday, April 6 Register now if you want to hear where the federal government is going, and provide input on what CFAA’s positions should be on the following key current issues: In their recent election platforms, both the Liberal Party and the NDP promised to review the current partial exclusion of capital gains from income for tax purposes.  This is a recurring issue, as many progressives say that all capital gains should be taxed like other income.  This is an important issue for rental housing because much of the [...]

CFAA Tax Retreat on April 6 in Toronto2020-07-08T16:26:53-04:00

Higher taxes? Pressures on rents? What can you and CFAA do today?


Because of the new influence of the NDP, there are new and serious risks, and opportunities, for rental housing providers at the federal level. The key new risk is higher taxes on capital gains on the sale of rental property and other investments. In their election platform, the NDP promised to raise the capital gains inclusion rate (CGIR) from 50% to 75%. Such a change would raise corporate taxes on capital gains by 50%. The change would increase the income tax individuals pay on capital gains by 50% or more, depending on the taxpayer’s other income. See the table [...]

Higher taxes? Pressures on rents? What can you and CFAA do today?2020-07-08T16:24:59-04:00