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CFAA comments on CMHC Rental Market Reports


Average vacancy rate decreases 0.2% to 2.2% --- Governments need to make the tax and development climate better for rentals According to CMHC, the average rental vacancy rate in major centres across Canada decreased from 2.4% in October 2018 to 2.2% in October 2019. Vacancy rates generally declined in the Maritimes, Quebec, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, while increasing by modest amounts in centres in Newfoundland, most of Ontario and most of British Columbia. CFAA President, John Dickie, says, “Despite low vacancy rates, the turnover rates show that there is adequate access to rental housing in some form in almost all centres, [...]

CFAA comments on CMHC Rental Market Reports2020-07-08T16:26:24-04:00

CFAA welcomes Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit agreement


CFAA welcomes today’s announcement of the Canada-Ontario agreement to implement the new Canada Housing Benefit in Ontario. The new Housing Benefit will provide funding directly to households who need help to meet the cost of housing in their communities. Across Canada, the Canada Housing Benefit is being rolled out under 13 separate agreements, one with each province and territory. CFAA has long advocated an expanded use of portable housing benefits. Among the advantages of housing benefits is the flexibility they provide for governments to respond to different housing situations and different funding envelopes. At today’s announcement, the Hon. Ahmed Hussen, [...]

CFAA welcomes Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit agreement2020-01-09T10:51:47-05:00

CFAA’s Issues for the Renewed Liberal Government


CFAA congratulates Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party for their re-election as a strong minority government. We look forward to working with the renewed Liberal government on issues which matter to Canada’s residential landlords and renters. Renters are often affected by issues which affect landlords, since cost increases put upward pressure on rents, while cost savings tend to reduce rents. Renters also suffer when rental supply does not keep up with rental demand, as has occurred in many major and other centres across Canada. CFAA will continue to work with the renewed government on the following planks in the [...]

CFAA’s Issues for the Renewed Liberal Government2019-12-17T15:45:23-05:00

CFAA compares party promises for Oct 21 federal election


CFAA ELECTION PLATFORM INFORMATION The Liberals, NDP and the Green Party have released their platforms. The report below is based on those platforms and on the Conservatives’ platform plank releases, and past actions while in power. More promises may be made by the Conservatives when they release their election platform. This report will be updated as more promises are released. LIBERALS CONSERVATIVES NDP GREENS Increase the “Basic Personal Amount” from $12,000 to $15,000, thus reducing taxes for most taxpayers, with an emphasis on lower income taxpayers. The increase is to be phased out for taxpayers earning $147,000 and [...]

CFAA compares party promises for Oct 21 federal election2020-01-15T15:40:49-05:00

What CFAA wants in election 2019


CFAA ELECTION GOALS CFAA would like to see the following actions taken by the Government of Canada. This list can be compared with the election promises being made by Canada’s political parties. Permit building retrofits which adopt new energy saving technology to be claimed as current repairs (rather than as capital expenditures subject to the capital cost allowance provisions). Take advantage of the move up effect by removing the GST/HST from all new rental construction. Hold the line on income taxes, capital gains taxes, and corporate taxes, and preferably rollback the recent increase in the tax rate on the [...]

What CFAA wants in election 20192020-01-15T15:40:34-05:00

CFAA congratulates CFAA Awards Program winners


CFAA Awards recognize rental industry excellence On Tuesday, May 14, CFAA recognized the winners of its fourth National Rental Housing Awards Program at the CFAA Awards Dinner. The winners included leading rental housing providers and suppliers. Please join CFAA in congratulating this year’s CFAA Rental Housing Awards recipients: Winner: Cinque by Drewlo Holdings Finalists: Carrington Ridge by Skyline Living The Livmore by Vertica Resident Services Winner: Sifton Properties Finalists: Selfie to End Youth Violence by Greenwin Inc. #WhyWeRent by Hollyburn Properties Limited Winner: The Sumpie Sump Pump Sensor by Alert Labs Finalists: Snaile Automated Parcel & Smart [...]

CFAA congratulates CFAA Awards Program winners2020-03-30T15:21:41-04:00

CFAA welcomes federal Budget 2019


Today, Finance Minister Morneau announced a major increase in the funding for the Rental Construction Financing Initiative. That is a program of reduced-cost financing which has seen significant take-up by private rental housing developers. This is a very useful step in making it more attractive to develop rental housing. CFAA applauds the government’s move. As in all competitive markets for products or services, reduced costs tend to generate more supply of the product or service, which in turn tends to reduce the price of the product or service. In the rental housing market, reduced costs tend to generate more rental [...]

CFAA welcomes federal Budget 20192020-01-15T15:38:42-05:00