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Upcoming Webinar: National Economic Outlook with Benjamin Tal


Upcoming Webinar: National Economic Outlook with Benjamin Tal Join CFAA from 2 to 3pm EST on February 7, to learn where the economy is headed and what Canadian rental housing providers can expect in 2023. If you are a rental housing provider receiving this communication from your provincial or local association, register for free by clicking the link below. To what extent will inflation continue? Are price increases being driven by supply or demand or both? What are the implications for interest rates, both short and long rates? How serious is the risk of overcorrecting? What about labour markets and wage inflation? [...]

Upcoming Webinar: National Economic Outlook with Benjamin Tal2023-01-12T13:39:02-05:00

National Housing Day and CFAA


National Housing Day and CFAA View CFAA's Press ReleaseOn this National Housing Day, the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations, wishes to recognize what we have in Canada’s housing sector, and what we still need to achieve.What we have in Canada’s housing sector92.3% of Canadian households live in adequate, suitable and affordable housing, or have it available to them. (In 2021, the rate of core housing need was 7.7%.)Canadians who rent have access to 1.2 million rental homes in large rental buildings in the purpose-built sector, a much larger percentage than in the OECD[1] (other than the United States, where the [...]

National Housing Day and CFAA2022-11-23T09:38:14-05:00

Watch the debate on financialization!


Watch the debate on financialization From CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2022, CFAA interviewed Leilani Farha, a leading human rights lawyer, advocate for the Right to Housing (R2H), and the leader of THE SHIFT. We also interviewed Murtaza Haider, a well-known free market-oriented housing economist. CFAA’s government relation leadership team then discussed what was said. To learn more about R2H and the "financialization" of rental housing, and what it means for the rental housing industry, watch the CFAA panel.

Watch the debate on financialization!2022-11-18T11:47:10-05:00

CFAA makes 2023 Pre-budget submission


CFAA makes 2023 Pre-budget submission CFAA submits Pre-budget submission for 2023, with 8 recommendations to promote rental housing development, and avoid tighter rent control. The Pre-budget submission is a shorter version of the main CFAA submission to the Government dated October 3, 2022.Pre-budget submission.2022.10.07 The main Government submission dated October 3, 2022.Submission to Government.2022.10.03

CFAA makes 2023 Pre-budget submission2022-11-18T12:03:11-05:00

Congratulations to CFAA’s 2022 Awards Winners!


CFAA Congratulates the Winners and Finalists in its 2022 Awards The CFAA Awards Dinner was attended by 265 people, a CFAA record. Attendees enjoyed the review of the finalists and announcement of the winners in almost 20 awards categories. CFAA congratulates all the winners and finalists! View the full list here.

Congratulations to CFAA’s 2022 Awards Winners!2022-06-07T10:56:08-04:00

Only 2 weeks left to apply for CFAA Awards!


Only 2 weeks left to apply for CFAA Awards! Time is running out to submit your application for CFAA's Rental Housing Awards Program. If you haven't already, start preparing and submitting your applications to receive recognition for excellence in Canada's rental housing industry. Applications close in two weeks! Submissions are due Thursday, March 10, 2022, at 11:59 midnight PST. CFAA's awards are open to rental housing providers and suppliers that are members of CFAA (either directly or as rental provider members of CFAA- member associations). For more details about the eligibility criteria, our 10 awards categories, or to submit your application, click on the [...]

Only 2 weeks left to apply for CFAA Awards!2022-03-01T13:58:55-05:00

Update on CMHC’s New Use Of Funds Rule For Insured Borrowing


UPDATE ON CMHC’S NEW USE OF FUNDS RULE FOR INSURED BORROWING Background As CFAA reported on June 2 and June 17, CMHC ruled on May 28 that its mortgage insurance cannot be used for upward re-financing to take out equity from rental properties of 5 units or more. Generally, equity can only be taken out (using insured funds) on the first insured financing of a new residential rental building, or after a purchase closed with uninsured funds and equity. In all situations, uninsured funds (“conventional funds”) can be used to take out equity, but that is more costly than [...]

Update on CMHC’s New Use Of Funds Rule For Insured Borrowing2021-12-17T11:57:34-05:00

Canada’s new Housing Supply Challenge


Canada’s new Housing Supply Challenge CMHC is currently developing Canada’s first Housing Supply Challenge, a $300M competition announced in Budget 2019 to seek and to help implement new ideas to reduce the barriers associated with the creation of additional housing, and especially affordable or mixed income housing. The program is likely to be divided into several categories. Possible categories include intensification while enhancing quality of life,Northern housing, housing data and others. The ability to replicate proposals will likely be an important criterion in the competitions. The first round of the competition is expected to be announced in June 2020, with [...]

Canada’s new Housing Supply Challenge2020-07-08T16:29:22-04:00

CFAA Rental Housing Conference


CFAA Rental Housing Conference Oops! The CFAA Rental Housing Conference Link has changed. Please visit for the most up-to-date information on CFAA-RHC.

CFAA Rental Housing Conference2021-12-22T10:12:57-05:00

Housing spending under the National Housing Strategy


Housing spending under the National Housing Strategy The new Minister of Families, Children and Social Development is Ahmed Hussen, who was formerly the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Broadly speaking, he is mandated to deal with three main housing policy areas. Building and renovating housing under the NHS Minister Hussen is to continue to build and renovate housing through the National Housing Strategy (NHS). That includes the repair and expansion of community housing, supportive housing and shelters, and low-cost financing for new rental construction, with some affordability component. For rental developers, the value of housing subsidies and low-cost financing delivered [...]

Housing spending under the National Housing Strategy2021-12-17T11:58:34-05:00
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