New Federal Cabinet Ministers important to rental housing issues


On November 20, Prime Minister Trudeau introduced his new cabinet. This sets out some background on the five Ministers who are of particular relevance for Canada’s rental housing providers. Bill Morneau is returning as the Minister of Finance. He has been the Minister and the M.P. for Toronto Centre since 2015. Over the past term, Minister Morneau has overseen an increase in the income tax rate on the top bracket, changes in the taxation of small businesses, an expansion of the CPP and four deficit budgets. He and the government also considered, but rejected, an increase in the taxes [...]

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CFAA’s Issues for the Renewed Liberal Government


CFAA congratulates Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party for their re-election as a strong minority government. We look forward to working with the renewed Liberal government on issues which matter to Canada’s residential landlords and renters. Renters are often affected by issues which affect landlords, since cost increases put upward pressure on rents, while cost savings tend to reduce rents. Renters also suffer when rental supply does not keep up with rental demand, as has occurred in many major and other centres across Canada. CFAA will continue to work with the renewed government on the following planks in the [...]

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Election Update – Platforms, Voting and Next Steps


The federal election is to take place on Monday, October 21. The polls show the Liberals and Conservatives tied for the lead, and a minority government seems almost certain. The balance of power will likely rest with some combination of the NDP, the Greens, or the Bloc. The polls will be open for 12 hours on Monday. For more information, visit the Elections Canada website. Read on for a comparison of the party platforms for the key federal areas that tend to affect rental housing providers in Canada the most, namely, taxation and housing policy. For a full list of [...]

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Election Update – Taxation, Housing and Environment


The Liberals, NDP and the Green Party have released their platforms. The information below is based on those platforms, and on the Conservatives’ platform plank releases and past actions while in power. More promises may be made by the Conservatives when they release their election platform. The Liberals promise to make a small tax reduction with a focus on people who earn less than $47,000 per year, and nothing for those who make more than $147,000. The Conservatives would give a small tax reduction for everyone. The Greens and the NDP both plan to raise taxes on the wealthy. [...]

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