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CFAA Tax Retreat Postponed from April 6


CFAA Tax Retreat Postponed from April 6 Due to the concerns about the impact of travel and group gatherings on the spread of COVID-19, CFAA has decided to postpone the tax retreat scheduled for April 6 to an indefinite time in the future. CFAA will be in touch with those registered to make arrangements to refund or credit the fee to attend the retreat. Along with the black cloud that is COVID-19, there is a small silver lining in that it appears highly unlikely that the government would introduce tax increases either in the capital gains tax or by [...]

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CFAA Tax Retreat on April 6 in Toronto


CFAA will be holding a Tax Retreat in Toronto on Monday, April 6 Register now if you want to hear where the federal government is going, and provide input on what CFAA’s positions should be on the following key current issues: In their recent election platforms, both the Liberal Party and the NDP promised to review the current partial exclusion of capital gains from income for tax purposes.  This is a recurring issue, as many progressives say that all capital gains should be taxed like other income.  This is an important issue for rental housing because much of the [...]

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A Key New Risk Facing Rental Housing Providers


Canada’s rental housing providers now face a new challenge because of the October 21 election, and the campaign promise of the Liberal Party and the NDP. Currently 50% of capital gains are included in income for tax purposes. (The other 50% are not subject to income tax.) Fifty per cent is the capital gains inclusion rate (“CGIR”). That rate has applied since 1972, except for the period from 1988 to 2000 when the CGIR varied between 66.67% and 75%. In their election platform in September, the Liberals promised “a comprehensive review of government spending and tax expenditures to ensure [...]

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