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CFAA Awards Program Winners


Marketing Program of the Year - Lease-Up

Cinque by Drewlo

"The clear strategy tied both product design and target demographics with the overall branding, marketing and advertising efforts. The brand spoke to the target demographic. The campaign targeted a variety of media (online, social, print, radio and TV) on a shoe string budget. It resulted in 50 people lined up hours before the opening, and the leasing of all of the available units on that day. A first for Drewlo and London."

Marketing Program Excellence of the Year - Social Media

Sifton Properties

"Sifton Properties created a custom effort by social media channel. They had several goals and measured specifically against them. The return on their West5 Farmers Market were impressive for a local initiative. Overall they created engaging content with a strong impact/reach in their key social media channels."

New Product of the Year

Sumpie Sump Pump Sensor by Alert Labs

"The concept is simple, but the value is great. If a warning can be sent as quickly as a pump stops or water is rising, then thousands of dollars in damage can be saved. Knowing about a problem quickly also prevents interruption to service which would cause tenants to be inconvenienced and possibly upset. The property is protected, and the money saved can be spent wisely."

New Service of the Year

Rental Inspection Service by Canadian Tenant Inspection Services Ltd.

"CTI Rental Property Inspections offers a valuable service to those that need extra help to inspect every apartment each year, ensuring the assessment is done consistently and all concerns relating to life safety, energy conservation, damage to units, illegal activity is noted and reported. Retired law enforcement officers employed by CTI are trained and able to provide assistance to serve legal notices , evictions, of problems, identify hazards and deter criminal behaviour. Management of all of these issues allows owners and managers to have more harmony in their community and reduce the expense and upset that are always attached to these problems."

Off-Site Employee of the Year

Danielle Cannon of Skyline Living

"Danielle successfully managed communications with 1,500 displaced tenants following a devastating tornado. She implemented innovative tools and software to improve internal systems that positively impacted tenants, reduced Property Management workloads and aided in keeping internal staff accountable. She dedicated personal time to hand deliver gift baskets across the country to tenants who've been with the properties for over 15 years. Danielle demonstrates a commitment to her tenants and peers that exhibits not only pride in her work and community, but also compassion."

On-Site Employee of the Year

Line Pouline of Skyline Living

"Line represents the very best of this industry: hard working, solution oriented and exceptional at maintaining positive customer relationships."

Property Manager of the Year

Jennifer Bateman-Hatch of CAPREIT

"Jennifer took a dysfunctional staffing and tenant culture, and turned them around to rebuild the trust of the tenants and engagement of the staff. She did all while dealing with capital projects and bed bug infestations, and reducing vacancy rates significantly."

Renovation of the Year - Building Makeover/Conversion

Lougheed Village by Starlight Investments

"This project repositioned the entire building in the relatively short period of time, under two years. Works included common area upgrades and elevator modernization. The exterior is unrecognizable against its former self."

Renovation of the Year - Common Area

Minto High Park Village by Minto Apartments

"At only $100K per lobby Minto was able to transform their 3 building lobbies to contemporary collaborative share space for their residents, adding several different seating areas, additional plug sockets and energy saving lighting."
77 Parkwoods Village Drive by Starlight Investments

"Starlight revitalized this 57-year-old, 6 storey building. Carefully chosen sustainable materials used in the re-covering of the exterior, and new balconies has made the building current and fresh looking. The extensive landscaping upgrades make the building welcoming."

Renovation of the Year - Suite Renovation

30 Clark Avenue by Starlight Investments

"This suite stood out firstly due to its unique tiling in the bathroom and kitchen and excellent color choices throughout. Staining of the parquet wood floors, the opening of the kitchen and the addition of mirrored doors made spaces feel bigger with better flow."

Rental Development of the Year - Low-Rise

Carrington Ridge by Skyline Living

"Carrington Ridge is in the final stages of being Built Green Gold Certified based on:
- Electric car charging stations (powered by the solar panels)
- Increased insulation and triple-pane windows reduce ambient heat loss and increase acoustic performance.
- Water conserving Xeriscaping concepts were used, reducing the need for supplemental water and improving water conservation."

Rental Development of the Year - High-Rise

Vision at Pat Bayly Square by Medallion

- Suite Amenities include
o Open concept suites with panoramic views
o High end finishes, including stainless steel appliances
o Suite controlled heat and air
o Stunning balconies and terraces

- Building/community amenities include
o Multi-purpose stage and civic centre
o Unique community courtyard
o Prominent skating rink/reflective pool

Rental Housing Provider of the Year

Hollyburn Properties Limited

"Under the Covenant House-Hollyburn Properties Youth Housing Program, Hollyburn provides six furnished units to disadvantaged young people for one year at a dramatically subsidized rent. At year end, the participants can be reimbursed all the rent paid (given a positive tenant review and suite inspection). Hollyburn's principals also donated over $6 million to various hospitals and schools."

Suppliers Council Member of the Year

National Efficiency Systems

"Darren Henry is the principal of National Efficiency Systems. On Saturday, Sept 22, 2018, while he was on vacation with his extended family, Darren received an urgent request to set up a toll free hotline for a client when a tornado devastated an apartment community. Darren responded within 2 minutes, and had his team jump into action. Darren and the LeadManaging team responded to provide what the rental community needed without hesitation. Darren and the NES team are excited to be supporting Oak Bridge Academy, which is an alternative, not-for profit elementary school offering evidence-based academic and behaviour programming for children with special needs including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and other related learning exceptionalities."

Marketing Program Excellence - Lease-Up: Marketing Program Excellence - Social Media:  
Carrington Ridge by Skyline Living
Selfie to End Youth Violence by Greenwin Inc.
The Livmore by Vertica Resident Services
#WhyWeRent by Hollyburn Properties Limited
New Product of the Year: New Service of the Year:  
Snaile Automated Parcel & Smart Lockers by Snaile Canada
Rental Parking Management with iStall Pro by iStall.ca
SuiteSpot by SuiteSpot Technology
My Portal by Payquad Solutions
Off-Site Employee of the Year: On-Site Employee of the Year:  
Jonathan Bursey of Hollyburn Properties
Elizabeth Ball of Shiplake Properties
Chris Jacobson of Sifton Properties
Dwayne Whitford and Marshal De Souza of M&R Property Management
Property Manager of the Year: Renovation of the Year
- Building Makeover/Conversion:
Micheline AbouZeid of Skyline Living
411 Duplex Avenue by CAPREIT
Ashly Chamberlain of Greenwin
Malibu Apartments by Skyline Living
Renovation of the Year
- Suite Renovation:
Renovation of the Year
- Common Area:
450 Dallas Road by Starlight Investments
The Berkshire Club by Sifton Properties
2160 Lakeshore Road by Vertica Resident Services
Rental Development of the Year
- Low-Rise:
Rental Development of the Year
- High-Rise:
Cinque by Drewlo Holdings
The Alexander by Killam REIT
Parkplace Towns by North Prairie Developments Ltd.
The Livmore by Vertica Resident Services
Rental Housing Provider of the Year: Suppliers Council Member of the Year:  
Sifton Properties Limited
Alert Labs
Skyline Living
The Storm Insurance Group
Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA-FCAPI)
Fédération canadienne des associations de propriétaires immobiliers
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