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CFAA Awards Program Winners

Association Achievement of the year

Saskatchewan Landlord Association's
Tenant Assistance Process

Investment Property Owners
Association of Nova Scotia's
Waste Cost Advocacy 2015


New Product or Service of the year

Mobile Tenant Insurance

The judges said: "ZipSure.ca is a product that has solved an important challenge for landlords and tenants alike. This app has eliminated the need for landlords to turn new tenants away on moving day for not having insurance. This app allows tenants to obtain insurance on site, and shares the confirmation directly with the landlord, so that landlords are notified if the coverage is cancelled.
This product creatively solves a significant problem, increasing convenience and improving customer service, and therefore deserves this award."

On-Site Employee of the Year

Helen Howard - Skyline Living Resident Manager at Time Square in Peterborough

The judges said: "According to Skyline Living, Helen has been exceptionally good at fostering relationships and building a solid community at their Time Square building in Peterborough. She overcame a high vacancy rate and a shooting in the community. Helen's strong management has led to a great reduction in arrears and in vacancy rate."

Off-Site Employee
of the year

Kim Hamelin - Timbercreek Director of Operations, Southwestern Ontario

The judges said: "Kim Hamelin is an exemplary leader. Kim's management has improved the NOI in every role she has undertaken with Timbercreek. When necessary, Kim is willing to take on many extra responsibilities. In addition to managing operations, Kim comes up with creative and cost-effective environmental and marketing campaigns."

Rental Development of the Year

The Heathview

Altern Rentals'
Sterling Manor

The judges said: "Morguard's The Heathview was selected for its striking aesthetics, hotel-quality amenities, best-in-class sustainability practices, and substantive use of sophisticated marketing tactics. It is a prime example of a landlord overcoming monumental obstacles to develop a high-end property, while taking every measure to mitigate community disruption." The judges said: "Featuring a mix of amenities that cater to a wide range of demographics, Sterling Manor by Altern is a customer-focused complex in Regina's most affluent neighbourhood. Having made use of some of the most innovative, sustainable building practices available to the market, this development exemplifies thoughtful construction, environmental excellence and forward-thinking planning."

Renovation of the Year

CAPREIT - 44 Stubs Drive
Lobby Renovation
Towers Realty - Royal Oak Court
whole building renovation in Winnipeg

The judges said: "The lobby renovation was completed beautifully, very modern and bright. The costs were kept to a minimum and the timeframe for completion was very quick, ensuring the least amount of disruption to the residents . Not only did CAPREIT use eco-friendly materials, they kept the original design, minimizing product waste and reusing original framework. The new look also offers a competitive advantage in the current market with newly developed condo product." The judges said: "Very large project, renovated the entire building which included all 29 suites and its systems. Unexpectedly, Towers Realty needed to rebuild the entire lower level slab due to heaving, and was still able to complete the project within eight months. The suites were renovated using condo quality materials with a semi-open concept design. Towers was able to create a competitive advantage in the current market by revitalizing all suites to a contemporary look within a historic property from the early 1900's."

Click here for more information regarding the CFAA Awards 2016.

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Fédération canadienne des associations de propriétaires immobiliers
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