Webinar: May Rent Collections, Tenant Relations and Staffing Issues

The face-to-face version of CFAA-RHC 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19, but CFAA still plans to bring you our education sessions and wonderful speakers. However, this will be done by webinar.

The first webinar, May Rent Collections, Tenant Relations and Staffing Issues, takes place on Thursday, May 14 from 11:00am to 12:00pm EDT.

Direct Members of CFAA and Affiliate Members (landlord members of CFAA member associations) can attend for free.
Non-members may register and attend for $45+HST.

The following speakers, whose companies operate in all 10 provinces, will be on the panel to share their experience and expertise:

Future Webinars

As a replacement for the in-person CFAA-RHC 2020, CFAA will be hosting a variety of webinars with numerous panels of speakers to present the perspectives of different sizes of rental housing providers and different regions across Canada. Besides being presented live, sessions will be recorded so that registrants can watch them at their own choice of time. In June, CFAA will be hosting two streams of sessions. In October and November, CFAA will be hosting multiple additional streams. Stay tuned for more information!

Beware of CFAA-RHC 2020 Scammers

We have been alerted that there are some emails going around alerting our contacts about the cancellation of CFAA-RHC 2020 and offering to provide them with a list of registered participants and a discount. That is NOT a legitimate email from CFAA.

If you receive any email about CFAA that looks suspect to you, and you want to confirm whether we actually sent it, please reach out to us at admin@cfaa-fcapi.org or at 613-235-0101.