CFAA’s Mission

Representing the Owners and Managers of almost one million residential rental suites in Canada.

The CFAA serves as the primary and exclusive representative of the rental housing sector at the national level, dedicated to championing the industry’s interests before the Federal Government of Canada. We firmly hold the belief that a robust rental market plays a pivotal role in enhancing our nation’s overall welfare and economic success. Moreover, we are confident that the policies we endorse will yield benefits for rental housing providers, residents, and taxpayers alike.


“Minto knows the CFAA leadership, and are very pleased with what they have achieved with the resources applied to federal issues to-date. Through the application of more resources and direct two-way communication, CFAA will be able to achieve more for us, and we will benefit more from CFAA’s work.”

Dan Dixon, The Minto Group

“As suppliers, we feel that CFAA is very well organized and professionally run. Their annual Rental Housing Conference exceeded our expectations and we will definitely be in Halifax this June.”

“Since they all matter a great deal for the success of rental housing, our industry needs to be represented at all three levels of government by a capable and well-resourced industry association. Preston Group joined CFAA’s new direct member program. I urge you to join CFAA as a direct member too!”

Gloria S., Preston Group


In our capacity as representatives of our members, the CFAA engages in federal advocacy with a strategic and highly informed approach, aiming to influence the formulation of government policies and regulations. Moreover, we offer assistance for local advocacy initiatives, working to reduce the prevalence of municipal and provincial measures that go against the interests of rental housing providers.

The CFAA works with various media outlets to actively cultivate and enhance public perception of the rental housing sector and its diverse range of providers, regardless of their scale or scope. Through strategic media engagements and communications, we strive to shed light on the valuable contributions made by rental housing providers, emphasizing their role in addressing housing needs and supporting communities across the board. This collaborative effort aims to foster a broader understanding and appreciation of the industry’s significance within our society.

CFAA plays a pivotal role in managing public affairs campaigns designed to shed light on the rental housing industry’s significance and contributions.  These initiatives focus on not only advocating for the industry’s interests but also highlighting how a vibrant rental market directly bolsters our nation’s overall welfare and economic success. By engaging in strategic outreach, data-driven research, and compelling storytelling, we endeavor to deepen public understanding of the pivotal role rental housing plays in shaping thriving communities and ensuring Canada’s prosperity.


By means of our e-Newsletter and other forms of communication with our member associations and individual landlord members, we ensure swift notification of updates to government programs and provide early, exclusive information regarding upcoming CFAA events and service offerings, such as the CFAA Employee Compensation Survey.

CFAA provides a diverse range of educational opportunities, including our annual Rental Housing Conference and programs offered in collaboration with our partners at NAA. Additionally, we keep our members informed about various educational events happening nationwide through our e-Newsletter.

Our members receive direct access to Rental Housing Business (RHB) Magazine and National Outlook, keeping them up-to-date on the latest industry developments.

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