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Direct Membership Benefits

Direct Members

In the rental housing sector, the federal government:
  • Collects 42% of the total taxes
  • Provides 37% of the housing subsidies and benefits
  • Provides 28% of energy incentives.
But, the rental housing industry allocates only 5% of its association resources at the federal level. Landlords need to do better.

Tax advocacy issues
CFAA advocates for the government of Canada needs to end its discrimination against the rental housing industry, to allow the industry to create new rental buildings, more tax revenues and more housing opportunities for Canadians. CFAA is advocating for the following changes to turn around the situation:
  • Allow tax deferral on reinvestment: Allow the proceeds of a building sale to be "rolled over" into new rental properties, as is allowed in the U.S. and for business properties in Canada.
  • CCA: Higher capital cost allowances, particularly in early years, as in the U.S. and Europe
  • Soft-cost deductability: Allow more soft-cost deductability to promote construction
  • End rental housing discrimination: On average, the Federal government provides $1,917 in annual subsidies to each owner household in Canada, but only $337 to private renters, who have half the income of owners. Rebalance Canadian housing policy: make everyone a winner.
Housing advocacy issues
CFAA advocates for direct assistance to tenants to help them pay their rents in full and on time. Housing allowances and rent supplements support tenants in private rental housing. CFAA was instrumental in achieving the policy change that allowed federal housing money to be used for housing allowances and rent supplements. That has enabled the expansion of housing allowances and rent supplements in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. Provinces in Atlantic Canada are also looking at more use of housing allowances and rent supplements.

Energy advocacy issues
CFAA advocates for access for private landlords to energy incentives. CFAA achieved increased incentives for low-rise rental buildings of up to 24 units in the eco-Energy Retrofit Incentives for Homes program, as well as the renewal of that program. CFAA successfully lobbied against restrictions on the importation and manufacture of certain furnaces and boilers preferred by rental housing providers. CFAA is now advocating for energy retrofit incentives in the tax system for landlords of all sizes.

CFAA activities in addition to advocacy
Besides advocacy, CFAA is the main communication channel by which landlords share issues and solutions across Canada. CFAA:
  • Brings apartment associations together from coast to coast
  • Publishes news through National Outlook, Rental Housing Business (RHB) Magazine, and articles in member association newsletters and magazines
  • Holds an annual three-day Rental Housing Conference
  • Assembles and provides rental housing information, such as industry-specific compensation and benefits data
  • Co-ordinates strategies for fighting bad policy initiatives in cities and provinces across Canada
  • Leads information sharing among member associations and landlords
What CFAA does is driven by what our members tell us they need. Become a direct member today, and let us know what you need to succeed as a landlord in Canada.

The main benefits of direct landlord membership are:
  • Stronger federal advocacy
  • Stronger advocacy to reduce the spread of municipal and provincial measures contrary to the interests of rental housing providers
  • Quicker notice of changes to government programs
  • Direct, advance notice of CFAA events
  • Direct, advance notice of CFAA service offerings, such as the CFAA Employee Compensation Survey
Additional benefits of direct landlord membership are:
  • The ability to influence governance of CFAA through direct voting rights
  • The ability to sit on committees and boards
  • Direct access to Rental Housing Business (RHB) Magazine and National Outlook, keeping you up-to-date on the latest industry developments
  • Media relations that provide a national voice to promote the industry's public image accurately
  • Educational opportunities through CFAA's Rental Housing Conference
Membership dues are payable annually and are based on the number of rental units you own or manage:
  • For less than 1,000 units, the dues are $100 + 40 cents per unit
  • For 1,000 units or more, the dues are $500 + 30 cents per unit over 1,000 units

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